Monday, April 13, 2015

Many spring projects and beyond

We have been doing so many fun things lately and my gardening has taken a tole on sharing.
1-the bees turned out so well. Simple project using 1/2 wood egg, 2 wood hearts, a bead, a foam flower and a cork. They used markers to make the eggs yellow and sharpies to add detail. Thanks to my retired crafting friends for all the supplies.

2-I had plastic eggs, mulit-colored grass, ice cream cups and some colored feathers donated to me. They cried out for something fun and this did the trick. We added pipe-cleaner ears, more feathers, eyes and pompoms to make chicks in a basket and bunnies on a paper ring collar. I cut little triangles for the beaks from some left over fun foam. What fun!

3-We had a great time drawing and learning to paint a waterfall. I did one on the library wall in the story room over 12 years ago so we used it as our example. Everyone drew the pool of water and the rocks then painted them. We dribbled white paint on the edges and used toothpicks to create the moving water effect. You can see Ella standing in front of the waterfall on the wall in the pictures.
4-One of my favorite art camp projects from spring break: Our jeweled guitars set off a shopping frenzy with all the fabulous donations we had to choose from. Every kid had a story to tell me about the items on it and why they were chosen. We used heavy primed canvas as a base and dabbed a bit of paint on then before mounting then. Thanks to Austin Creative Reuse, our Wells Branch neighbors, and Katherine Sands gma for supplies!

5-What would Mardi Gras be without masks? We used masks cut from fun foam then pulled out all the feathers, beads, and jewels to trick them out. everyone made their own bands to hold them on from pipe cleaners so they are adjustable. 
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