Monday, July 14, 2014

ART ENRICHMENT MINI-CAMPS AT THE ANNEX have a few spaces remaining this summer


Junior artists (age 7 1/2-12)  12-3:30 pm T/W/Th  Learn a bit of history and do the projects in depth. Each camp is $40. Registration is at the MUD rec center. More information on MUD website or:  40% of fee is dedicated to programs in WB. Limit 26 

7/22-24 Make it by hand--Mosaics, weaving, sewing/quilting, &  paper mache-
We will be making a Princess mononoke mask from paper mache and trim it out, do several weaving projects including a dream catcher, paint and embellish gourds, and create a couple of awesome bags with critters on them, Potter-ish items and more. 

7/29-7/31 Food Art from color to style (9 am-12:30) Not for kids with allergies  We'll create artist designs from food items. We will reverse collage  the plates, make bird sandwiches, decorated mini-cakes, make sherbet in a bag. We will make fruit pizzas and have a watermelon decorating contest. we may eat our creations for lunch.  

8/5-7 Sharks and creatures of the deep Painting and drawing III --We will celebrate  the deep blue sea painting and drawing sharks, whales, jellyfish, reefs, and sailing ships. We will learn about the old time divers and do something with the Jules Verne theme,

Beginning Artist Sessions (age 4 1/2-7 going into Kinder/ 1st grade) 9-11:30am T/W/Th  Limit 16 We will read books/ tell stories and use them as the basis for our projects. We'll learn a bit about how art happens and what the kids like to do as they  complete the projects. 

8/5-7 Sharks and creatures of the deep--we'll explore the deep creating a 3D aquarium, octopus, shark and lots more. we'll learn about coral & make some of our own.
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