Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leaping clay lizards for Leap day @WBCL

  This was fun and  everyone made a cute lizard from bakable polymer clay. I found a softer clay to use, Premo Sculpy,  that really helped in forming the shapes and attaching their parts. In the past the clay has been hard for kids and adults alike to kneed enough to be successful. 
Each table was given several chunks of different colored clay and told to make a long body by kneading the clay then rolling it until it was long and skinny on one end. On the other end we pinched the clay around to form a head and made a hole or slit for a tongue. We then made legs and added feet and spots or stripes. Some even have toes or eggs. It was easy to press the body over the legs to make them mold together, Everyone went home with the baking instructions. Making them on foil makes it easy to bake them too.
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