Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art Mini-camp Painting Aprons

Seemed like a good idea to do something a little different with the kids this week. Everyone paints t-shirts and I had gotten feedback from the kids that they were enjoying their Home Depot aprons. I drew the design on the aprons and set them loose painting theirs with the colors they wanted to use. I really love using the SoSoft paints as they spread easily for everyone and don't have to be heat set. We used the scribbles and a variety of other 3D paints for writting names.
There were a few mishaps that we decided we would clean up by stamping over them later in the week. We just put them out on the grass to dry while we painted our tiles then used them the rest of the week.
This was a pretty intense painting week with 9 projects including lots of drawing too. We used the mural on the walls to give us some ideas for designs and the tour of art at the beginning of the sessions for others.

The Art mini-camps are held at the Wells Branch Community Library taught by Dianne Koehler.
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