Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Animal banks from juice bottles @WBCL

I think they outdid themselves this time! We were afraid we'd run out of bottles and instead had a few left over. This is not a hard project if you have 11 hands and an imagination to go with them. We cut holes in the bottles so they could be banks but some of the kids got ahead of us and we had to be a little creative to get the hole in.

The bottle is covered in donated fabric with tacky glue to hold it on. A few strategically placed rubber bands hold the neck in place until it dries. As you can see a lot of different animals were turned out from bunnies to lions and more. Lots of the animals required wiskers and a few had to have yarn for hair or manes. All in all it is a project that all ages enjoyed.

The Family Arts & Crafts group meets at the Wells Branch Community Library every Wednesday night at 6 pm taught by Dianne Koehler.
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