Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foil fish in a stream at the Wells Branch Library

This turned out to be more complicated, more fun and not at all like the lesson plan I found! First we painted the wavy stream with blue tempra in 2 shades--some were wavier than others. Then we were to smudge in a little white foam on the peaks of the waves--we really got into the smuding and have lots of bubbling and boiling in our streams. It was great fun for them.

Lastly the foil fish--true to recycling we used previously used foil and cut it into fish shapes, folding over the edges and pinching in the area above the tail to make it fish-like. we were supposed to press them onto netting to get dimension but we had plenty already. We colored the foil with markers to give them a bit more realistic look and glued them onto the stream.

This worked well for all the kids from 3yrs to pre-teen. Clean up was a breeze too. This is a great program that the Wells Branch Community Library sponsors each week.
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