Sunday, September 6, 2009

Making hidden secret compartments from old books at WBCL

This week the crafters took an old book that I had already cut a compartment into the middle of. Use of a super-sharp exacto knife is just not in the program for this group! They did pick out all kinds of fabrics and make a book cover with decorations cut from more fabrics. Finishing the project required the folding of a few pages over the edges of the cuts and more gluing. I heard suggestions of keeping money or jewelery or even a diary in the secret compartment. Should be fund to see what ends up in them. Maybe I'll ask?????
Fewer participants are attending now that school is back in session so there is plenty of room to streach out in the class. I am getting a lot of donations for recycled art projects again. Good to set of the planning part of the brain.
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