Thursday, June 25, 2009

Students paint Van Gogh

What a group! The students have mixed colors and used pallete knives and brushes to recreate "Starry, Starry Night" yesterday afternoon. They have forged through several projects and have no hesitation drawing or experimenting with color. Of course, when we did our review of the artist's work they voted Van Gogh's sunflowers down in favor of the ones done by Monet on the blue background. Some of the Picturing America prints were determined to be "very realistic" or "borring!" The group really liked the Tiffany window and the story behind it. Ditto for the story behind the "Starry, starry night" painting. If you look in the corner of the lower photo you can see some of the sunflower drawings.
Today we are doing folk art designs on pots and a forest watercolor. More pictures and thoughts later.
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