Thursday, June 11, 2009

Animal banks from recycled juice bottles HUGE success!

Well here is my piggy bank that used to be a juice bottle but it certainly was not the cutest one at the class last night! With almost 50 people in the room, we turned juice bottles, folgers coffee containers, creamer bottles and 1 liter water bottles into a great array of dogs (with and without leashes), cats, bunnies, pigs, space creatures and others. We used the masive amounts of fabric that has been donated to us and lots of glue, but that just doesn't say it at all. Many of the animals had great floppy ears, some sported belts or scarves. I didn't see any jewelry but I suspect that a few even had that. What a great creative outlet this was for all the families that attended. I only wish I had picture of all of the great bottles. Makes you think twice about throwing anything out but my husband would like to see some of it go! I put a call out for more bottles so we can do something like this again.

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