Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bottle cap spring animals and Pots of Gold at WBCL

Sometimes a project is just too fun not to do! We try to do lots of things with recycled or donated materials and this one used bottle caps of many colors, leftover fun foam, tiny feathers and craft sticks. The original example used metal bottle caps but they are very small and do not let the younger kids be creative. For spring my idea was to do bunnies and chicks but we also got lots of kitties.

We made pots of gold/shamrock pins for St. Patrick's day and they really, really turned out great. I cut 1" candle cups in half and painted them black and glued a cardboard back on before class. They embellished them with gold pony beads, sprigs of shamrocks, and self stick shamrocks plus most of them made rainbows to put behind them. Great to wear right away and for the activities the next day.

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