Friday, May 24, 2013

3D butterflies and bees mixed media page @WBCL

I did a  sample of this page for an online class and thought the kids and parents would have fun with it. I ran off pages made from stamped butterflies and bees that they could coulor or use as is and showed them how to layer them onto the page. Great use for the donated rainbow paper. I also found some foamy stickers to fill in the extra spaces and give the project even more dimension. 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jeweled flower pots @WBCL

 "Not your same old painted flower pot." While the kids do not seem to mind doing the same projects many times, I get an urge to introduce them to other ideas and this flower pot project did that. I drilled holes in the plastic pots before class then had them make a hanger from 3 chenille stems and use string to loop around the top border with beads along it. Finally they were able to add a few gems to really put on the sparkle. Lots of smiling faces.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Enamel disks for Mothers day @WBCL

 Other than the intense odor of nail enamel in the room this project went off without a hitch. Everyone created a card and a disk for their mom or other relative or friend for Mother's day.
We used large disks from Lowes and painted them with layers of nail polish. Because it dries quickly you are able to put on many layers in a short period of time and the dry time is minutes to an hour for a project. They kids also got a cord or ribbon to hang the disk from to complete the project.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Tissue flowers for Cinco de Mayo

This is a fun class in old fashioned paper folding and cultures. the kids and parents always like the flowers and seems like it brings out memories for many of us. We talked a little about Spanish type festivals and paper flowers then got down to it. Posted by Picasa

Recycled projects for Earth day

This is the second week of projects using recyclable materials and how creative this group is! Again I set out bags of items and let the kids go to town on them to create the project they wanted with what was available. Some got quite involved, some were tiny but well thought out.  Gives a new perspective on reuse for many parents. Posted by Picasa