Monday, March 28, 2011

Rodeo banks from juice bottles

Juice bottle banks are ever popular because there is so much you can do to make them personal. We used 2 qt size bottles with 16 oz water bottles for the cowboy. First we covered the bottle with school glue then slipped on a lunch sized paper bag and patted it on securely. For the horse we added a mane and tail, for the long horn we added horns. We tried to get ears on to all of them but some are earless. We had large wiggle eyes to use this time but could have drawn on eyes or used felt cuts. 

For the cowboy we got creative with our donated materials--paper mache eggs glued into bottle caps make the head secure. The bottle cap is then glued to the bottle cap and a hat added to complete the illusion of a cowboy. We pulled out the fabric bin and everyone dressed them as they wished. We even had jute rope available for the lasso! One of the horses has his rider mounted on his back using an egg cup section to attach him. 

Very creative group here each week. This is a fun was for families to work on something together without the frustration of "what do I do next" or the mess.
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