Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reverse collage dishes for cookies and more at Wells Branch

The room at the Wells Branch Library was packed and everyone was interested in learning what on earth we were going to do. This really simple project had parents and kids fingering glue and table confetti, sequins, silk leaves, packing foil shred and tissue paper into a great plate for cookies or other dry foods. We even used the gold permanent markers to give them a bit of an edge.
Understanding how to assembel the project in reverse was a bit hard for some and projects had to be checked regularly and reassembled a couple of time to get them perfect but everyone was able to complete this one. It can be done on glass or plastic but we chose plastic due to the age of our participants. The final layer can be done with fabric but we use tissue for its lightness and color. This can be done with any table confetti so is perfect for other holidays or birthdays or special days.
If the humidity stays down for a couple of days these will be ready to use by the weekend.
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